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Irwan Guntarto
Born in 1978
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      About the Artist
      Irwan is an Indonesian artist from Yogyakarta who is gaining popularity as a contemporary surrealist. His artworks are largely critiques of political venality, socio-economic issues, environmental abuse and cultural stereotypes. In his recent works, there is a signature use of animal iconography, that provides a cheerful fa?ade to his works that often have critical undertones, while also harkening back to his environmentalism. He has also worked extensively on migrant workers issues, participating in group exhibitions to showcase his artworks on the topic. He uses art as a democratic avenue for exploring his ingenuity. He takes inspiration from van Gogh and Jumaldi Alfi, a prominent Indonesian contemporary artist. Fun Facts: He is a proud member of an artist collective in Yogyakarta that does theatre performances in public spaces. Their plays sheds light on various social and political issues.
      Contemporary, Realism, Surrealism
      Acrylic, Canvas
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