Rangga RJP

“Art in my opinion is the most honest and powerful manifestation of the human mind”

Born: Sragen, February 26th 1991

Education: Indonesian Institute of Arts, Yogyakarta

Style: Surealism, Contemporary, Figurative

Medium: Oil on canvas, Gouache paint on Paper

About the Artist:
Rangga is a conceptual and narrative artist from Indonesia. Each of his artwork is packed with futuristic, imaginative and transcendental portrayals. His work explores nature, universe, science, technology, global cultures, hyperreality, perspectives about future and human complexity as predominant elements which are knit together to create powerful themes. The visual elements in Rangga’s artworks are often bold and surrealistic. Rangga’s art often functions as satirical pieces rich with deep pathos that serve as social commentaries.

Rangga won the Best International Emerging Artist of Bbuzzart in South Korea in 2017 and was on of the finalist of Indonesia Art Awards GG-IAA in 2018.

Group Exhibitions:
? “NEW WAVE” Tribute to OHD 80, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta
? “INNOVATION” – BANTUL ART TODAY 2nd,Pendhapa Art Space, Yogyakarta
? “IMAGINED GENERATION” OMNIVORART Group Launching Exhibition, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta
? “DUNIA KOMIK – BahasaBudayaCeritaGambar” GG-IAA (Indonesia Art Award) 2018, GaleriNasional Indonesia, Jakarta
? “ SRAGEN CONTEMPORARY COLLABORATION PERFORMANCE ART 2017 #1 DILEMA” with Kyai Mojo Ethnic Music, Sragen, Central Java
? “[email protected]” International Selected Emerging Artist Art Exhibition, Galleria Fatahillah, Kota Tua, Jakarta
? “BLOOM IN DIVERSITY #2” Young Artist Art Exhibition, Kolaborasidari FSR ISI Yogyakarta & FSRD ITB, Bale BanjarSangkringArtspace, Nitiprayan, Yogyakarta
? “19th ANNUAL POSTCARD FROM THE EDGE – VISUAL AIDS”, Metro Pictures Gallery, 526 W 26th Street #510, New York, USA
? “PROLETART – GO A HEAD PEOPLE” by All U Can Art, Yogyakarta the Selected Emerging Young Artist – Art meets Fashion, Bale BanjarSangkring, Nitiprayan, Yogyakarta
? “35th UOB Painting of the Year” Awards Ceremony and Exhibition, CiputraArtpreneur Gallery 11th Floor, Jakarta and UOB Plaza, Jakarta
? “PERUPA MUDA”Young Artist Exhibition, Bale BanjarSangkring, Yogyakarta
? “TANDA MATA XI”, BentaraBudaya Yogyakarta
? 2016 “VEMME VITALE”, BentaraBudaya Yogyakarta

Solo Exhibition:
2019 “Imagination of the Hype – reality as the idea if the painting creation”, Gallery R.J.Katamsi, Indonesia Institute of the Art Yogyakarta

2018 Finalist of GG-IAA (Indonesia Art Award)
2017 BbuzzArt International Emerging Artist
? Finalist of 35th UOB Painting of the Year category “Emerging Artist”
? Top 20 best Arworks, BentaraBudaya, Yogyakarta
2015 Featured Special Artist of ”REFLEXE #2”LENZ DIE AUS STELLUNG, Germany
2013 Top 3 Indonesia Panorama Drawing Competition, National Gallery, Jakarta

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