Seller's FAQ / Support

How do I register myself on the site

You can write an email to our Partner Management representative at [email protected] indicating your interest. Subsequently they will get in touch with you and carry out the process of your enrollment after performing the necessary due diligence

When can I display my work on the site

As soon as the contract is signed, you can proceed to share your work as per the guidelines given to you and it will be displayed on the site

Can I display my work on other website

Mayinart philosophy has been to provide an exclusive platform to the upcoming artists to showcase their work. As a commitment to our buyers, we have promised an exclusive display of the artwork and hence it cannot be displayed on any other online platform

How will I know when I have a sale?

We will e-mail you after the transaction has been concluded and payment has been successfully received from the buyer.

When will I get my money?

After you confirm a shipment we deposit the money into your Payments account. The payments are made to your registered bank account in a cycle of every 14 days.

How can buyers see all of my Artworks in one place?

Your Artist Profile page displays all of your Artworks and includes a listing search based on various criterion. Buyers are directed to your profile through multiple links available across the site.

How can I update on my Exhibitions / Accolades

Mayinart has a continuous engagement model with their artists to ensure all relevant information is available to the buyers. We run several promotions / campaigns where you can share all developments and it will be communicated to the potential buyers.

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