Portal of The Imagine

by Rangga RJP

Gouache paint on Canson Mixed Media Paper
21.00 x 30.00 cm

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Artwork Details

This imaginative work describes the surreal phenomenon of a little girl holding a balloon while visiting the Borobudur temple in Indonesia. This girl was stunned to the depths of her imagination when she senses space objects emerging from one of the stupas she was staring at. For the girl this image became more real until she felt that the magical world existed in her mind rather than the real world. The artist interprets this as hyper-reality of imagination. The world of hyper-reality is increasingly apparent as this girl was able to recall her memory of the history of the creation of the Borobudur Temple in her school. When the instincts of knowledge and imagination collaborate, that is where hyper-reality becomes more real. This unique attitude is common among children. By imagining, children quickly grasp new knowledge, explore the motor abilities of the right brain and develop their dreams more optimally.

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