The Supernatural Life

by Rangga RJP

Gouache paint on Canson Mixed Media Paper
21.00 x 30.00 cm

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Artwork Details

This imaginative work is inspired by Eastern culture, especially from the regions of Java, which is rich in spiritual traditions handed down from generation to generation and still practiced today in remote areas. Based on relevant childhood experiences of the artist, magical rituals were often practiced and passed down from senior spiritual practitioners to their juniors or spiritual disciples. Usually young men went into this traditional practice in order to get a heirloom or something that comes from magical / mystical experiences. This is a rare phenomenon in the realm of life in the modern world today, as supernatural experiences are something strange for modern people. However, in this work, the artist tries to recuperate supernatural experiences as a noble, ancestral tradition and not as a practice of black magic that is misused. As in this figure, the alien tries to teach the practice of magical rituals to a young girl as an introduction to the education of her unique ancestral culture. The culture depicted by the young girl is in sharp contrast to the modern culture of today's younger generation.

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